4Ground Fabled Realms - City of Mordanburg

Velcoome ta ‘Mordanburg’, I think it’s for you we wait.  You look like you’ve not been here before, friend. 

Let my fellow here take your bag.  So, should I tell you something of this great port city as we go.  Come, follow me.  See that brooding walled burg on the promontory up over there on the east bank, that’s ‘Anburg’ where all our men of power and fair women of beauty live.  Come friend follow closer, it’s better you keep in between us.  Down here on this side we’re on the wharfs of the west bank of the great ‘Langa’ river.  See all the way along this huge curving bend in the river, a great sprawling port and to us who live and work here, the west bank is the real city.  T’was here on this low curving bank hundreds  of seasons ago, that Mordaki Bluetooth the great ‘Green Sea’ reiver made his settlement, and that settlement grew to be ‘Mordavig’ a great reivers’ port.  Come along this way now and mind these ropes under foot.  You see ‘Mordavig’ was great before the first stones of those walls over there were ever laid, one upon the other.  Yet now over there, they think they are our masters and we on this side, are their river scum.

28mm Buildings for Medieval or Fantasy setting. Perfect for skirmish games such as Mordheim, Frostgrave etc.