Artizan Designs

Artizan Designs specialize in producing 28mm high metal figures, designed and produced to the highest possible standards. The miniatures have been designed for collectors and figurine painters. The miniatures can of course also be used for table-top war games. All the figures come from the talented hand of sculptor Mike Owen. Artizan Design figures are 28mm sized, made of metal and supplied unpainted.

Currently we only stock their 2nd Afghan War Range of figures both Afghans and British. We can special order in more of their range. Please email us for details and pricing if you are interested in other Artizan figures.

Their full range includes the following periods:
World War Two
World War One
The Renaissance
The Vikings
The Carolingians
The Moors
The American West
Arthurian Dark Ages
French Foreign Legion

They also produce a line of character figurines based on the adventure stories of the 20th Century, Thrilling Tales from the 1930s and 40s, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang from the 1960s.