Black Powder

Black Powder is Warlord Games' first publication. It is a beautiful book in its own right with hundreds of color photographs taken by the Perry brothers of the most exquisitely painted model soldiers from their world-renowned collection.

The intention is to present a set of rules that are relatively simple and straight-forward, just as easily grasped by the beginner as appreciated by the veteran wargamer. The rule mechanism allows for rapid play and can pretty much guarantee a result in an evening - three to four hours - although you can and may well wish to play for much longer as it is a lot of fun!. The emphasis is on the spirit of the game and not the letter of the rule. With decisive battles from the key wars of the period, such as El Teb, from the Sudan War, Ntombi River from the Zulu Wars, Alma from the Crimean War and Freemans Farm from the American War of Independence, as well as two fictional scenarios from the American Civil War and Napoleon's Wars, there really is something to keep everyone happy. It is a hearty publication and not for nitpickers or miseries. There are some good gags in it, but it also plays well and enables players to conduct a very big battle in a civilized period of time, leaving them more time to chat about the highs and lows and what ifs. It would suit those who wish to game in a group, fielding large armies on a fair-sized table with all the accoutrement of wargaming at its finest! 

Although these rules were written for 28mm scale miniature it is just as easily be used with 15mm, 20mm and even 54mm scale miniatures. Whatever is in your collection !.

Rick Priestley is best known as the famous Warhammer and Warhammer 40000 author, the world's best selling table top miniatures game and Product Director for Games Workshop.