Shipping Within Canada

Canada Post does not have a standard shipping rate. The postage for each parcel varies by size, weight and distance travelled. We have sent parcels to Calagary AB for $15, but parcels of similar size and weight to more remote northern towns in Alberta suddenly cost $19.00. Consequently I have tried to set my shipping rates to an average for each province.

Shipping to the US and Overseas

Again, the same variables of size, weight and distance come into play. We have sent a 4Ground building kit to Norway for $10.00 but a bigger box of plastic figures to the US may cost $12. Metal figures or books get very heavy and the price goes up dramatically.

The $25.00 charge for US and Overseas is a DEPOSIT only. If, once we get to the post office, the rate is significantly less ($5.00 or more) then we will refund the difference. Or if you like, we can send the parcel the quickest way possible within the amount charged.

If you'd like an estimate then email us with your prospective order and we can calculate the size and weight of box and give you an estimate using Canada Post's online postage tool.

Or if you prefer we can send you a Paypal invoice with the correct postage.