Price Support

If you or your club/gaming group are organizing a Tournament or a Game at a Convention we attend and advertise then why not contact us and see if we can help sponsor with prices or support for your game ?.If you are organizing a Bolt Action Tournament then we can try to arrange some price support through the great people at Warlord Games. If you are doing a recreation of a famous battle as a participation game why not see if we can help out sponsor some scenery, a unit, some markers etc. We will do what we can within reason and it goes to say we cannot sponsor all games suggested but we will try and support where we can.


Group/Club Discount

If your gaming group or club are organizing a larger club purchase to start a new period, build up a specific battle or to participate and run Tournaments then contact us as we may be able to help you get started off with a discount on your order. It never hurts to ask and it may just be worth asking.