Battlegroup Kursk

Battlegroup Kursk

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Battlegroup Kursk is a set of tabletop miniature wargames rules designed for 15mm and 20mm miniatures (but playable at other scales), set on the Eastern Front in 1943.

1943, KURSK… Still the greatest tank battle in history and the last strategic offensive of the German Army on the Eastern Front. Kursk was their final effort to break the Red Army and win World War II, and saw two weeks of savage fighting across the rolling steppes of southern Russia. Within you will find all you need to recreate those epic battles with 20mm or 15mm miniatures.

Easy-to-learn, fast-to-play, hard-to-master gaming rules with an authentic feel for the combined-arms warfare of the period, utilising the innovative ‘Battle Rating’ system.

An overview of the Battle of Kursk, providing the background to your games, along with a detailed timeline for the principle combat operations.

Army Lists designed to play with the character of the four main combat formations: German Panzer and German Infantry Divisions, Russian Tank Corps and Russian Rifle Divisions.

Six endlessly re-usable general scenarios and a short campaign, ‘the Inglorious 12th July’ for the fierce tank battles south of Prokhorovka, including seven historical battles to re-fight and one mega-game.

Inspiring and informative painting and modelling sections and step-by-step guides to painting the vehicles of the battle, each described to three different levels of finish. Plus, a guide to building a Kursk wargames table.

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