Dacian War Host

Dacian War Host

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Few of Rome's many enemies would fight for long before being cowed and delivering tribute or lying dead beneath the Legionaries’ hobnailed sandals. Not so the Dacians. A fiercely proud people from what is now Romania, they fought two great wars with Rome – wars so bloody and hard fought that they were portrayed forever in stone on Trajan's column.

Warlord Games’ Dacian War Host appear as they would to a Roman commander, ranked up behind their well-equipped and richly dressed Chieftain. They are fighting under the billowing draco standard and driven to fever pitch by the rasping, bellowing sound from the long-necked carynx horn.

If this was not enough to cause consternation in a soldier far from home, many Dacian warriors are wielding the dreaded falx – a double-handed war scythe! This brutal weapon could slice through a shield or cut off a limb with one savage blow.

So gather your war host, grip tight your falx and give praise to Decebalus, your king!

30 hard plastic and metal 28mm Dacian Warriors with command and shield transfers.

See these painted up here:

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