Operation Squad World War Two

Operation Squad World War Two

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Operation Squad is a wargame for two players that lets you simulate battles set in the Second World War at “skirmish level”, the level of single men. Dice are used to introduce that element of luck that, in real-life, is the difference between a glorious victory and a miserable failure. But luck won’t be enough if you want to win; every number in the tables contained in these rules is the result of a long series of playtests and realistically simulates an armed encounter.


You can simulate heroic infantry battles set in the Second World War thanks to this simple and intuitive game system. The rules include army lists that cover Americans, British, Russians and Germans. From the Red Devils to the Fallschirmjager, from the Rangers to the Commandos, you'll find a total of 12 army lists inside.

Each weapon has been classified and given a points value so as to offer a gaming experience that is both balanced and historically accurate. Tables have been reduced to a minimum and the the whole system is based on the addition and subtraction of six-sided dice.

Inside you will also find five standard scenarios that represent some of the typical missions; recce, occupation, conquest, saving wounded companions and recovering top-secret documents. Lots of variety to give you hours of fun.



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