Screaming Eagles US Airborne Box set

Screaming Eagles US Airborne Box set

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St. Mere Eglise. Carentan. Nijmegen. Bastogne.

Actions that stir the blood and conjure images of highly trained US paratroopers punching holes in the German lines in Normandy and later holding off overwhelming opposition in the Ardennes.
These American airborne models are suitable to represent the 101st Screaming Eagles; 82nd ‘All American’; or the 17th ‘Thunder from Heaven’ divisions- arguably some of the toughest of the US army.
Aggressive and innovative, these elite troops were eager to take the war to “the Krauts”- something they did so successfully. They were ordinary citizen soldiers, but highly trained and motivated, superbly equipped and packed with firepower as only an American force can be!
As brilliantly highlighted in the superb TV series, Band of Brothers , US Airborne troops were always at the pointy-end of the action and weren’t found wanting.
Screaming Eagles Contains:
·         Command: 1 Officer, 1 Sergeant with M1 Garand , 1 Medic and 1 Radioman
·         12 man squad: Sergeant with M1 carbine, Sergeant with Thompson SMG,8 Paratroopers with M1 Garand rifles (These are random models), 2-man .30Cal LMG team.
·         60mm mortar and 3 crew
·         2-man Bazooka team
The models come supplied unpainted and unassembled, contents may vary from the box image.

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