Wittmann's Tiger

Wittmann's Tiger

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Few names conjour up such images as that of the Tiger 1, Germany's first truly heavy tank.  This monstrous 52 ton machine carved out a reputation that even now is still remembered.It featured hugely thick armour  and a devastaing 88mm gun that could pick off all allied tanks at huge ranges with great accuracy.

The Tiger inspired such dread in allied troops that any German Panzer could be misidentified as a Tiger, leading to a real phobia that was understandable.

Early Tiger battalions  were very well trained and had complete faith in its abilities, sometimes beyond its true capabilities. Perhaps its greatest proponent was Michael Wittmann, who emerged as one of the greatest tank commanders of the war.  He built up an impressive numbers of kills of enemy tanks and anti tank guns, which he always  maintained were a more difficult foe.

Warlord Games have modeled Wittmann in his U boat leather jacket that was his trade mark in Normandy. This then is Michael Wittmann and his Tiger  before they set off to blunt the British 8th army's advance at Villers Bocage in  summer 1944


  • 1 metal Wittman resting on tank turret
  • 1 metal Wittman sat in the tank hatch
  • 1 resin Tiger tank I
  • metal pieces for detailing

 Bolt Action stats

  • Wittman can be used to represent command vehicle.
  • A Command vehicle adds a morale bonus of +1 to itself and to any other friendly armored vehicle within 12".
  • Type: Tanks
  • Weapons: One turret-mounted super-heavy anti-tank gun with co-axial MMG and forward facing hull-mounted MMG
  • Damage Value: 10+ (heavy tank)
  • NB: Can also be veteran, see Bolt Action rulebook for more details

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